Class Descriptions

Curious to know more about each of our class options?  Check out the full descriptions below and when you're ready to reserve your spot click HERE.

CV Kettlebell Club

The Kettlebell Club Comox Valley is the region's first kettlebell specific club that offers instruction in a variety of kettlebell styles. Our coaches are passionate about showing you how kettlebells can be used not only for swinging but for building stability, balance and coordination. This class is low impact and suitable for all levels of athletes and progressions will always be offered to ensure you learn safe and efficient technique appropriate to your body and experience level. Expect to learn kettlebell skills for functional fitness, as well as kettlebell sport and get a sweat on too!

Wise + United

Wise + United (formerly Masters Strength Class) is our exclusively 60+ class that focusses on balance, coordination, strength and cardio. Mobility work is also always included and the over all program is aimed and maintaining fitness as we age.  All abilities are welcome!

The Athlete

The Athlete class combines mobility, strength and cardio into a workout that will work every part of your body. Every class is programmed to accommodate both experienced gym goers, as well as beginners who are looking for a challenging, varied and functional program. This class will prepare you for anything life throws at you.  You're guaranteed to have a good time and work hard.

The Athlete is taught by a variety of our trainers and each one is going to give you a little personal spin on the workout so give them each a try to find your favourite!


METCON stands for metabolic conditioning.  A combination of High Intensity Interval Training and full body cardio is a great supplementary class to any fitness program and more exciting than running on the treadmill! Expect to elevate your heart rate and be dripping sweat throughout class. We can accommodate all fitness levels in this class as it is often structured in intervals. You are always free to work at your own pace during each interval and we will always encourage you to maintain safe form over extremely high intensity.

Wildly Human

Imagine you are hiking through Strathcona park, crossing rivers on fallen logs, scrambling over rocks and roots, and jumping over mud patches in the trail.  

Come and be challenged in this class that emphasizes natural movement. We will coach you to move like a human was intended to. We will crawl, climb, lift, balance, jump, carry, throw and catch so you can become a more capable human.

Run Wild + Free

Join us in the fresh morning sun for a full body workout while also progressing and improving your run technique, speed and endurance.
Sure to be a fun and dynamic class to kick start your run journey this summer. In this class, Brumby will take you out of the gym for some running drills in addition to strength training to support your runner's body.  (This class runs in spring and summer months, when the weather is nice!)


We believe that everyone should include strength training in their routine and encourage all our members to attend weight lifting classes like Strong + United. Once you have learned sound technique for your lifts (including Deadlift, Squat and Bench Press) we will encourage and coach you as you increase intensity of these lifts through progressive overload and complimentary strength building exercises. These are the old school full body strength moves that are entirely functional to your everyday life: stabilize your spine, hips and shoulders, increase bone density, reinforce your joints, learn coordinated movements, and gain strength for lifting groceries, pushing heavy objects around your house, and carrying kids and pets! Let strength be your friend and ally!

Wild TRX

TRX is a resistance training workout using your body weight and TRX suspension straps. It is great cross training for sports such as trail running, biking, hiking, skiing etc. The full body conditioning from TRX can be adapted to all levels of athletes and is beneficial for strength, stability and mobility.

This is a lower impact class but don't assume it's easy!  High reps and long sets have consistently got us feeling like we put the work in!

This class is only 45 minutes to accommodate your lunch break, but don't worry, you'll have a full warm up and cool down in addition to the fun stuff in the middle!

Ski Fit

We Comox Valley folks are so lucky to live at the base of a great full service ski hill as well as have access to enough backcountry skiing to last a lifetime here on the island. Ski FIT is a supplementary workout to prepare your body to hit the slopes and then maintain your resilience throughout ski season. We offer this class several times per week in fall through ski season. We will train your core and limbs to work both individually as well as in concert to prepare you for all our favourite island snow conditions: powder, groomers, crud, ice and more.

Looking for more workouts like Ski Fit?  Check out The Athlete Class.

United by Food

Movement is considered to be one of the most important pillars of health, but in order to move well we need to fuel our bodies well.  Nutrition is a key concept to recovering well, re-energizing your body, and exponentially boosting your performance and overall well-being.  We will be offering a variety of nutrition programming to complement your training at Wild and United.  Classes will have a wide variety of topics, including: fuelling for optimal recovery, the basics of whole foods, the properties of vitamins and minerals, herbal supplementation, strategies for food addictions, and much more.  Check our schedule regularly to reserve your spot in this class each time it comes up!

Recover + Mobilize

Recover + Mobilize is strictly a mobilizing class. Increase range is motion through hips shoulder back....everything! Some days will focus on full body and others perhaps body part specific. This is a great active recovery day and can still provide a good challenge to folks who have some limitations or restrictions in their bodies. All levels and bodies are welcome!

Somatic Relaxation + Meditation

Reset your Nervous System during this 45 minute class. Healing of our muscles and tendons takes rest. So come along, rest and relax with us. Expect to spend 30 minutes in healing poses before finishing with a mindful, body based meditation. 


“Take a break before you’re broken”.

Yin + Tonic

Enjoy this stretching class based on yin style yoga, expect long poses that will encourage opening of tough muscle and joint restrictions. Led by Dawn Elgin.


Please bring layers as sometimes the gym isn't too warm. We have yoga mats but you are welcome to bring your own.

Open Gym

We are the Comox Valley's FIRST strength and conditioning facility that gives you open gym access to our squat racks, barbells, kettlebells and more!

Open gym happens whenever we don't have classes on our schedule and is a great time for you to come in and work on skills or homework from your personal trainer or coach.  You can use all our gear but

you must treat it with respect and always return things to their storage spot after use.  Share our space with other members and always be friendly and supportive to other Open Gym go-er's and staff.

Open gym users must participate in either 1 class or personal training session per week in addition to attending Open Gym.  

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