Class Schedule + Descriptions

As of Nov 20th, 2020 and until further notice:

Please note that due to current government regulations we have eliminated all high intensity cardio activity from our programming.  Until these regulations are changed our Athlete class is a full body strength circuit class including mobility warmup, coordination, balance and functional strength movements, and a stretch to finish.  Thank you for your understanding.

The Athlete

60 min.

Every person is an athlete, and so are you! This class includes a warmup, full body strength and cardio workout and cool down.  All movements can be scaled for any level athlete.

Virtual The Athlete

60 min.

This live streaming class includes a warmup, full body strength moves, a cardio circuit and cool down.  It requires minimal equipment and has full scaling options available to make sure nobody is left behind! Book this class on our calendar or on the MindBody App to receive your class link via email.

Strong + United

60 min.

Skip the cardio and feel the burn.  Learn to deadlift, squat and bench with the guidance of a coach, while moving at your own pace.  This class is programmed 1 month at a time so you have the chance to get to know the moves of the month and improve your technique and confidence.  Join any time!

Wise + United (60+)

60 min.

Wise + United was named by our participants and is our 60+ group fitness class.   We focus on mobility, coordination, balance, strength, and cardio, listen to good tunes and have a laugh.  This group has a variety of participants and we make sure that all injuries are accommodated for so everyone is always doing what makes sense for their body on any given day.

Row + Core

60 min.

Take your rowing from rocky to ROCKING.  This 60min class will challenge your cardio as well as your core and transform your rowing technique, making you stronger and more efficient one stroke at a time.

Row + HIIT


This lunch time sweat fest will keep your heart rate up and challenge your rowing skills.  Bring a towel and a good attitude!

Virtual Yin + Tonic Yoga

60 min.

Join Dawn Elgin from Practical Spiritualism for a restful and restorative Yin yoga practice.  Hold poses longer and breathe more deeply as  you bring your attention inward to your body and mind. 

Virtual and In-Person Gravity Yoga

60 min.

Gravity Yoga is a mat-based, targeted mobility training method that helps students with stiff backs, locked up hips, and tight hamstrings. These classes are hugely popular in Dawn’s studios and world-wide because they deliver flexibility results quickly.

Virtual Restorative Somatic Yoga

60 min.

Reset your nervous system and allow rest to heal your muscles and tendons. Expect to spend 30 minutes in healing poses before finishing with a mindful, body based meditation guided by Brumby Berge. 

United By Food- The Plan


Throughout the year Matt O'Meara offers workshops and seminars to bring our attention back to how we fuel our body to feel good, whole and strong.  Check our social media and newsletter for dates, topics and events.

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