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Family Lifting

with Marnie Slater


Want to get some quality bonding time with your teen?


Continuing on by popular demand, the Family Lifting Program is where you get to learn how to move your body, gain confidence, and have fun, all while strengthening your bond as a family!  We will be spending an hour together each week, learning how to move with confidence, get stronger, feel happier, and become the best version of ourselves through strength & lifting. 


Don't worry, there's no gym experience required - we'll coach you through all sorts of fun and challenging new movements that will be sure to leave a smile on everyone's faces!


The program is open to parents or guardians with their 11-17 youth – we will be integrating partner workouts, so 1 parent/guardian per 1 youth is recommended.

Learn more about Coach Marnie!

Call to register: 236-255-1979

or email:

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