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Fit To Hit

with Morgan Klieber

This 6 week program is an opportunity to connect with other tennis/pickleball players in the Comox Valley in a new way, and maintain or improve fitness in the off season of our sport. Morgan will program each class to include mobility, and strength and conditioning that is specific to supporting the needs of adult racket sport players (18-80 years old), addressing common weaknesses, injuries, and challenges. She will connect with all registered participants before the beginning of the program to understand if there are any injuries to be aware of, as well as goals that can be incorporated into programming. If joining this program, it’s important to attend as many of the sessions as possible as there will be skills introduced early on that we will use to build upon over the course of the 6 weeks.

Morgan has been training tennis players for over 10 years while taking a significant break from actually playing tennis after participating in NCAA tennis in the USA and club tennis at UVIC. She is excited to be rejoining the tennis community and beginning to play pickleball, as well as sharing her experience with other racquet sport enthusiasts.

Call to register: 236-255-1979

or email:

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