Movement For Mommas

with Jen Walker

Wild + United is proud to have trainer Jen Walker in our corner and looking after all those wild mommas out there!

Jen's philosophy toward pre & post natal fitness is about adapting and safely managing the new needs and abilities of your changing body in a fun, supportive, educational, and safe environment.  Jen's sessions/classes will never be focused on "getting your pre-baby body back" (because, it's not lost), or "losing your mommy tummy". Instead let's build health, strength, and community!

What you CAN expect to learn from Jen is:

  • Proper alignment & breath conducive to healing and strengthening your pelvic floor and optimizing movement

  • To safely exercise with conditions like Diastasis, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Incontinence, and C-Section recovery

  • To progressively add more activity back into your routine

  • Gain mobility and stability in the areas that need it the most

  • How to strength train for the activities you love and life as a busy mom

  • How to train your "athlete brain" to listen to your body and respect the physical demands of childbirth

2 Classes To Choose From:

6 Week Pregnancy & Postpartum Return to Exercise Programs



In this safe, educational, supportive class you will build the foundation to return to your favourite activities and gain physical strategies to manage life as a busy mom. We will focus on breathing strategies, strengthening pelvic floor muscles, re-building core strength, increasing mobility of over-used muscles, and strengthening those under-used...hello glutes and core!



Graduates of Level 1 are welcomed to join this more advanced, yet still mom specific class. We will continue to build on the foundations of level 1 by progressively adding more dynamic and challenging exercises as well as intensity.

Every session will be intentional, scalable, and progressive for all levels of fitness. Babies and Toddlers are welcome!

Coach Jen Walker