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Running Strong

with Hanna Stoddart

Wild + United is proud to have Coach Hanna bringing this new and exciting program to the space! 

Run Strong will be a functional strength training program for runners, trail runners, hikers, and athletes who run, geared towards injury prevention and optimizing running mechanics through lifting. We welcome every level of runner, and you may start at any time! This is an opportunity to build the foundations for stronger running and functional strength to pursue your goals. 


Together, we will work on progressive strength training for functional movement and injury prevention. Each 80 minute session will also include 25 minutes of mobility training. 


Focus on balance training, single leg training, and core strength. Classes will include plyometrics and jumping / hopping for lower leg agility and functionality. Classes will also prioritize foot and ankle strengthening - research shows that foot strength is correlated with reduced risk of injuries for runners!

Don't miss out on this 6-week program, running at 12PM on Sundays from November 12th to December 17th 2023.

Call to register: 236-255-1979

or email:

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