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with Hanna Stoddart

Are you gearing up for ski season? While we patiently wait for snow, let’s start building strength so the first day on skis is a great one!


Ski FIT is a supplementary workout to prepare your body to hit the slopes and maintain resilience throughout the season ❄️ Coach Hanna is thrilled to offer this 6- week program, Saturdays at 12pm at Wild+United. This full-body functional training program will get you ready to shred some turns on powder, groomers, crud, ice and more! ⛷


For ongoing members, this is included as a class in your membership! For community members and new friends, it’s $100 for the 6 classes. 


Spots are limited, so don’t miss out! The first class is Saturday November 4th at 12pm, running until Dec 9th.

About Coach Hanna: Hanna is a Kinesiology graduate from the University of Victoria, with a wealth of experience in coaching various sports, group classes, and personal training. Hanna grew up shredding powder around Banff, and she continues to enjoy snow on the island and beyond. Hanna’s knowledge of functional, plyometric and unilateral training for running translates perfectly to skiing.

Saturday, Nov. 4th until Saturday, Dec. 9th from 12PM - 1PM

Registration is open! Call us: 236-255-1979

or email:

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