Wild + United Survey, May 2020

Thanks for agreeing to take part in this survey. It is anonymous and you are not required to enter any identifying information about yourself. You MAY include your name in the comments if you'd like.

Please answer each question as honestly as possible and if you don't see an appropriate answer for you, add a comment at the end of the survey.

Part 1: Classes.  Help us plan and adjust our schedule for YOU.

Part 2: Some of our classes are not very well attended.  How can we improve our coaching to attract you back to classes with each coach?  We have only included the coaches who teach our "workout" classes and do not mean to exclude our other team members. You MAY include additional comments regarding other coaches at the end of the survey if you choose.

Part 1: Classes
1. What WORKOUT (not stretch) time do you prefer?
2. Are you likely to join IN-PERSON classes in June?
3. Which class is your favorite?
4. Which class is your SECOND favorite?
5. Which class is your LEAST favorite? (you MUST have attended it)
6. If you attend lunch time classes,which of these is your favorite option:
Part 2: Coach Improvement Survey
1. When coaching in person, where can Morgan improve most?
3. When coaching in person, where can Brumby improve most?
5. When coaching in person, where can Zara improve most?
2. When coaching in person, where can Jen improve most?
4. When coaching in person, where can Rosie improve most?
6. When coaching in person, where can Leanne improve most?
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