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Class Descriptions

The Athlete

50 min.

Every person is an athlete, and so are you! This class includes a warmup, full body strength and cardio workout and cool down.  All movements can be scaled for any level athlete.

Strong + United

50 min.

Skip the cardio and feel the burn.  Learn to deadlift, squat and bench with the guidance of a coach, while moving at your own pace.  This class is programmed 1 month at a time so you have the chance to get to know the moves of the month and improve your technique and confidence.  Join any time!

Intro to Strong + United

50 min.

This is an introductory class that will set you up with everything you need to know before your first Strong + United class!  We do not require that you take this class first, but definitely encourage folks who are total barbell beginners to give this one a whirl to build some baseline knowledge and confidence!

Wise + United (60+)

50 min.

Wise + United was named by our participants and is our 60+ group fitness class.   We focus on mobility, coordination, balance, strength, and cardio, listen to good tunes and have a laugh.  This group has a variety of participants and we make sure that all injuries are accommodated for so everyone is always doing what makes sense for their body on any given day.

Kettlebell Skills + Sweat

50 min.

We love kettlebells but they are often misunderstood.  This class will always include an intro to kettlebell skills and a progression to more advanced movements.  Expect a mobility warmup, to learn and practice some kettlebell technique, and THEN get a solid full body workout using the skills you've practiced that day.  Beginners sometimes benefit from wearing sweat bands to protect their wrists as they learn some new technical movements- if you've got some, bring 'em in your gym bag. Beginners are welcome, however, please consult our staff if you have back problems before attending this class.

Mobility Training

50 min.

Mobility Training is an awesome complement to strength training and our other classes.  If yoga isn't your bag, this is a great alternative option to get a stretch in!

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