Toni K.

I can’t say enough about how much my sessions with Morgan as my personal trainer have improved my fitness, my attitude and my health! Our workouts concentrate of building core strength with a focus on my sport specific goals for tennis and diving and the fact that I have limitations after having major surgery.
Morgan keeps things challenging and fun, she doesn’t let me get away with anything and believe me, I try. Laughing while doing planks makes the time fly, seeing my progress is motivating and I love the positive feedback I get from friends.

Heather M.

For the first time in a long time I actually enjoy and look forward going to the gym!! No more trying to find any excuse possible not to go. Loving the Wonder Women class and the overall support from the ladies and Morgan. Placing a big focus on technique Morgan keeps us safe while helping us see results! Love the class! Get off the fence and come and join us!!

Aline V.

Dear Morgan, You are the best trainer I have met! Your training is simply great and really fun! You’re always careful to make sure we do exercises correctly!! I’ve loved it!!

Barb T.

The imagination and creativity put into designing various training programs is the best I've ever experienced!

Stefan K.

What is 1 thing I liked about Morgan as a fitness instructor? Only 1 thing? Morgan, I like the energy you bring to the workouts. Always fun, laughing, dancing (yes you do). Your workouts are very diverse and tough! You push people during the workout in a good way, push them to go harder without compromising the technique used. I think you’re a good inspiration for women by showing what is possible with lifting weights.

Stella W.

Morgan and the staff are the best!! They truly care and make you feel at home.

Alison G.

The coaches at W+U are amazing. Dedicated, and always working to improve their own skills so they can improve ours! I love working with Morgan and Laura, the fun makes the hard work not so hard...

Tina F.

Morgan was very understanding and very knowledgeable. I have not been to a gym before, ever... and was really impressed at the way things are done. The program Morgan had me doing was modified for my injurie and if something was too tight or started to hurt we didn’t stop the exercise she just found a new way to do it and I could continue. I would get frustrated at myself for being injured and Morgan was very understanding and supportive, coaxing me on to finish and to be understanding with myself and what my body could do

Brianne L.

If you are reading this review you are probably just like I was a month ago - trying to decide if I could rationalize spending a decent chunk of money to join a gym. Well, I am hear to report that once you experience the quality of instruction you will start to feel like you are not paying enough! Seriously, this is not your average gym. It's small group strength training with coaches that are incredibly talented at designing workouts to meet the needs of diverse individuals. The gym has a great community feel, where everyone is welcome and supported. I have already learned so much and feel great!

Leif J.

I'm really enjoying the sense of fun however even better than that is how helpful the trainers Morgan Klieber and Laura Stewart are with form and follow through on the circuits. Small group training has always been my jam, and this is definitely working for me.

Chad S.

Hands down the best gym in the entire Comox Valley. Great atmosphere, knowledgeable and caring instructors, and great workouts. Very suitable for all age groups.

Zara N.

Wild + United Athletics has become my favourite gym in the Comox Valley. From their amazing facility that is always kept clean to the friendly owners and other workout buddies. It’s a wonderful environment to be apart of I would would highly recommend the gym and the gyms classes to anybody at any fitness level. Their coaches are knowledgeable and can scale or RX a workout for any person.

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