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Siobhan R.

Honestly hands down the best gym I have ever been a member of! the team are incredible and all uniquely talented, motivated and hard working. The focus on good form and mobility is amazing in getting the most of your workouts. The classes are small and instructors really care about each individual and are willing to help out with alternative or complimentary moves for those unable to do the full moves, to help them progress. Super clean, super friendly, and super fun!

Liz K.

Wild + United is the most inclusive gym that I have worked out at. It’s clean, bright, well organized and most of all fun. I have had numerous injuries in the many years that I’ve moved this body around. The trainers are always able to help me to adapt while pushing me to work to my potential.

Tim D.

I have been going to this gym for 5 months now 3 times a week, it is really something else. I have been to a few other gyms in the valley and none have had such a sense of community and welcoming atmosphere. From your first day to your 5th month, really excellent.

Personally I have  made more progress here  than ever before and I owe it to their wonderful coaches. I have attended classes with 5  different instructors so far and each have been really wonderful. They have classes to fit any fitness goal and athletic level.  As well their COVID policies have been top notch an professional. Try this place out.

Oshrat Z.

Love the gym, the environment and the coaches.
Very personable, and professional, coaches know what they doing.
Making each person feel unique and welcome. Wonderful place for people to get fit and have fun at the same time.

James F.

Looking for a place to work out or just get back in shape, this is it. Passionate, professional, certified instructors that pay attention to your technique. Whether you decide to take one of their many classes or just work out on your own, this is the place. Clean, top of the line equipment, well located and great bang for the buck.

Sarah C.

Wild & United changes the game for how to gym. They are super supportive of everyone's unique goals, and provide programming and pacing where anyone can achieve success. Their class sizes are small enough to facilitate great coaching for everyone from newbies to athletes, with a healthy focus on form and injury prevention. Their facilities are bright and impeccable. Also, it's always, always fun. I look forward to every gym day.

Brianne L.

If you are reading this review you are probably just like I was a month ago - trying to decide if I could rationalize spending a decent chunk of money to join a gym. Well, I am here to report that once you experience the quality of instruction you will start to feel like you are not paying enough! Seriously, this is not your average gym. It's small group strength training with coaches that are incredibly talented at designing workouts to meet the needs of diverse individuals. The gym has a great community feel, where everyone is welcome and supported. I have already learned so much and feel great!

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