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Personal Training is an excellent resource for anyone looking for maximum value for their time. Sessions are tailored to your goals and needs and happen on your schedule, but sometimes getting to the gym just isn't going to fit into your schedule.  So, let us come to you!


In-Home Personal Training

Get started with in-home personal training!


We offer free over the phone consultations or in-person consults at Wild + United. The in-person consult is 45 minutes long and usually includes a discussion about your goals, injuries, wants, likes/dislikes, lifestyle, etc.  In person we are able to do a movement assessment as well.  If you choose to do a phone consult expect a max of a 30 min conversation and to do your movement assessment in the first personal training session at your home.

What about equipment for training at home?

Ideally, you have some space at your house that we can use for your sessions. Coaches can bring some smaller equipment with them if needed, but we'll make the most of what you have on site for your training sessions. It's amazing what you can do with items in your own home! If you have a kitted out home-gym, that's even better, but absolutely not required!

Make a plan:

After your consult, you and your coach determine a training schedule that works for you and book sessions accordingly.  Homework can always be provided if you're interested in adding that into your routine!

Email us at to connect with our team and get started!

In-Home Personal Training Pricing

All personal training at Wild + United begins with a FREE initial consult.  Our rates for in-home personal training are higher than they are in the gym to account for the travel time and costs associated with our coaches travelling to your home. 


In-home personal training 60 min session: $100 + gst.


Tips for making the most of in-home training:

+ Designate a space you use for every workout, it can be your living room if needed but know where you're going to train before it's workout time!

+ Turn off your phone during your session and don't schedule other visits during training time.  Give yourself the benefit of no distractions when your coach is working with you, we're booked back to back and can't go overtime if you need to take a phone call mid-session or explain what's wrong with your sink to the plumber!

+ Be prepared for your session to start when your coach arrives, that means dressed, fed, watered and ready to warm up as soon as they walk in!

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