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Personal Training

At Wild + United, we value community and good times, and encourage all our clients to join group classes whenever they can.  Personal training is an opportunity that everyone should experience and allows you to work towards your goals in the most efficient way possible and on a schedule suited to you.  We offer semi-private and small group training too!

Our certified personal trainers are here to design a program that is entirely based on your needs and goals.  What you can get out of personal training:

+ Set goals & take steps to achieve them

+ Stay accountable to your program

+ Recover from and prevent injury

+ Gain strength & stability

+ Improve or maintain balance and coordination

+ Learn new patterns and habits

 +Train for specific events or challenges

+ Prepare for any class offered at Wild + United Athletics

Supplement your class attendance by working on exercises you find challenging or weak points on your body

+ Clear your mind and release positive vibes

Get Started!

Book your free 45 min initial consult with one of our certified coaches.

+ meet the trainer

+ tour the gym

+ tell us your goals and health history

+ see how you move

+ make a plan

+ gain access to membership classes or personal training

Please come to your consult in active wear so you can move comfortably during your assessment. You will not be completing a workout at this session.  If you use a day planner please bring it, so we can schedule your upcoming sessions.

We're looking forward to meeting you!

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