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Strong + Supple Shoulders Workshop

with Brea Johnson

Brea Johnson.jpg

If your shoulders and neck are always tense and tight, if you have old nagging shoulder pain, or want to prevent injuries, this workshop is for you. We demystify the complexity of the shoulder complex to understand and improve postural habits such as rounded shoulders, "text neck" and breathing restrictions.


The workshop will help you unwind tension and how to build functional shoulder strength, mobility, and stability. You'll gain insights about your shoulders and helpful tips and tools that you can apply in the gym and everyday life. This workshop is perfect for both those with hypermobile shoulders and chronically tight shoulders. 

Brea Johnson has been teaching yoga, anatomy and movement since 2003. She regularly teaches workshops and trainings around the world and is the founder of Heart + Bones, a globally recognized online platform for anatomy-informed yoga, mobility and inclusive practices for both yoga teachers and everyday people. Heart + Bones offers online yoga, education and teacher training where functional and inclusive practices are celebrated and encouraged.

Signup on the Mindbody app:

Jan 27th from 12-3pm

Cost: $40 plus tax.

Sign up here or call 236-255-1979 to register with our front desk!

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